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General Information


Pattaya city is located on the eastern coast of the country at latitude 13° N and longitude 101° E in the area of Chon Buri province. It is 147 km. from Bangkok. It lies parallel to Sukhumwit Road on its east and the coastline on its west.


Pattaya occupies an area of 208.1 sq. km. that is divided into 53.44 sq. km. of land and 154.66 sq. km. of islands and sea. Its coastline is 15 km. long.


The climate of Pattaya can be divided into 3 periods: cool to warm (from November to February), hot and humid (from March to May), and hot and rainy (from June to October).


Pattaya has a plain on the coast with some high mountains on its south. The area on the east slopes down toward the sea on the west.


Pattaya city has been administered under a special autonomous system since 1978. It has a status comparable to a municipality and is separately administered by the mayor of Pattaya city who is responsible for making policies, organizing public services, and supervising all employees of Pattaya city administration.


Standard Thai language. English is widely used.


90% of labour in Pattaya work in tourism that is the highlight of Pattaya. Tourist attractions including land and marine destinations, and nighttime entertainment. There are no native products.

Internet Access

Internet cafes are ubiquitous and hotels often have wi-fi for guests.