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Phang Nga Attractions

Phang-nga is located just to the north of Phuket on the western coast of the peninsular part of southern Thailand, with an area of 4,171 Its long sandy coast (220 km.) and large numbers of limestone islands (161) and mountains make it one of the most scenic provinces of Thailand, and that is why it boasts as many as six national parks, including three on the sea.

Phang-nga's attractions are divided according to the counties they belong to. If you want to find some specific places, see the lists on the right.

Counties (Districts)            

Most attractions in Phang-nga are major excursion destinations from Phuket. The following are among the best known.      

Now Phang-nga is popular for eco-tourism. There are many tour operators organizing a large variety of activities in this area, such as sea canoeing, rafting, elephant trekking, jungle trekking, diving, etc. You are recommended to contact tour operators for such a tour.

Note : The names of some attractions may appear in more than one place but with the same data.

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