Tuesday, 23 July 2019

A wonderful place for the family. This large amusement park offers great enjoyment with lots of activities and exciting and fun rides in Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, Dream Garden and Dream World Plaza.

Photo : www.dreamworld.co.th

Everyone in your family will enjoy a great variety of entertainments and activities at Safari World, Thailand’s greatest open zoo & leisure park whether driving through African wilderness environment, visiting friendly dolphins in a marine park, or watching exhilarating stunt shows.

Photo : www.safariworld.com

Samphran’s fascinating shows are held in a wide variety with sound effects. The most popular ones that will surely make your visit pleasurable are lovely shows by cute and clever elephants, the crocodile wrestling and the magic show.

Located only 28 km from Bangkok, this is the world’s largest crocodile farm with over 60,000 crocs in stock. It is also a mini zoo with some rare animals. Stunning crocodile shows are available every hour.

Another must do in Bangkok is to take your kids to Siam Ocean World. Every kid loves the aquarium and here they will have great fun with an amazing underwater adventure with more than 30,000 species of marine creatures in the gigantic aquamarine area the size of two football fields.

Photo : www.sealifebangkok.com

Siam Park City is a big amusement park offering all kinds of fun. The complex comprises three main areas—a water park, amusement park and theme park, for every one in your family to enjoy.

Photo : www.siamparkcity.com

Observing the breathtaking procedure when venomous snakes like king cobras are milked in the daily venom extraction shows and learning about the life cycle of snakes at Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute is a fun thing to do. Kids are also allowed to take photos with the giant python.

Photo : www.saovabha.com

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