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Lasik in Thailand

Lasik in Thailand

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The eye is an extremely delicate and sensitive organ, which must be treated with great care. With the latest advanced technology in laser eye surgery, specialist teams, first-class services, and reasonable prices, Thailand is one of the world’s popular destinations for vision corrections.

At present, there are many high standard hospitals and lasik centres in Thailand that offer professional treatments with medical follow-up programmes. Most of them also provide language services for international patients. Interpreters are well trained in the field related to lasik surgery, so that foreign patients can have more confidence in treatment’s processes.

What’s Lasik Eye Surgery?

It is a new solution to many kinds of vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, cataracts, age-related vision problems, etc. by using a laser beam technology in eye surgery. Before planning lasik surgery, patients’ eyes will be examined very carefully by doctors. Advantages of laser surgery are that the surgery takes only about 20 minutes, patients do not need to stay over at the hospital, and its release their eyes from eyeglasses and contact lenses. Up to now, more than 2 million people worldwide had laser eye surgery, mostly with satisfied results.

Who are qualified for the treatment?

  • At least 18 yrs old and have stable vision for one year.
  • Have a problem with wearing glasses or lenses.
  • Do not have any complicated injuries and diseases such as diabetes, chronic rheumatism, and SLE.
  • Must not be in a pregnancy or breastfeeding stage.


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