Thursday, 22 February 2024

Festivals & Events

Bo Sang Umbrella Festival (20-22 Jan)

At this festival, Bo Sang Village holds a demonstration and sale of various items made of sa paper, especially umbrellas. Besides, there are cultural shows, parades and handicrafts competition.

Flower Festival (3-5 Feb)    

Flower Festival, Chiang MaiThis event occurs during the period when Chiang Mai's temperate and tropical flowers are in full bloom. The festivities include colourful floral floats, parades, traditional dancing shows and a beauty contest.

Chiang Mai Art & Culture Festival (April)

It features an exhibition of works of arts of the contemporary lanna (northern) artists, dramas, cultural shows, concerts and sales of local products. 

Songkran Festival (13 - 15 April)

The celebrations of this festival in Chiang Mai has become more and more famous each year. The traditional events include merit-making at temples, cultural shows, dancing shows, a beauty contest and parade and good-natured water throwing. One significant event is the procession of highly revered Phra Phuttha Sihing Buddha image through the streets of Chiang Mai for people to sprinkle water at as a form of worship. 

Lantern Festival & Loi Krathong Festival (28 Nov)

This old festival held on the full moon night of November is said to be the most charming of all in Thailand. In Chiang Mai, a procession of floats with beautiful maidens sitting on goes through the city to the bank of the Mae Ping River, where hundreds of people assembling to float their banana-leaf containers (krathong) decorated with flowers and candles onto the river to worship the Goddess of Water. Moreover, Lanna-style hot-air lanterns are launched which are believed to help rid the locals of troubles and are also taken to decorate houses and streets.

*The event dates are tentative, please check before travelling.