Saturday, 18 May 2024

General Information


Chiang Rai is the northernmost province of Thailand, 785 kilometres from Bangkok. It is adjacent to Myanmar and Laos on the north, Phayao and Lampang on the south, Laos on the east and Chiang Mai on the west.


It has a total area of 11,678 and is administratively divided into 16 counties.


There are three seasons like Chiang Mai -- the hot season from March to May, the rainy season from May to October and the cool season from November to February. In the cool season, the temperature may drop to 13 C at night. It can be lower in the mountains.


Situated at about 410 metres above sea level, the area of Chiang Rai mostly consists of mountains covered with forests. There are also fertile plains along the valleys of several rivers, such as the Kok, Sai, Ing and Mekong.

Internet Access

Internet cafes are ubiquitous and hotels often have wi-fi for guests.