Friday, 19 April 2024

The Golden Mount or Wat Saket

The Golden Mount

Thai name ภูเขาทอง หรือวัดสระเกศ

This old temple is well-known for its golden chedi atop the Golden Mount of a height of 77 metres. The artificial hill was created when a large chedi (pagoda) under construction by King Rama III collapsed because of the soft soil underneath. Later King Rama IV commanded the construction of a small chedi on its crest, in which a Buddha relic from India is housed.

Climbing up the stairs to the top of the mount, visitors can have a stunning panoramic view of Rattanakosin Island. Every year in November, a festival is held at Wat Saket which includes a candlelit procession up the Golden Mount.

Open : Daytime

Location : Off Ratchadamnoen Avenue, opposite to Wat Ratchanatda across a canal

For taxi : วัดสระเกศ ภูเขาทอง

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