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Snake Farm of Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute


Thai name สวนงู สภากาชาดไทย

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A trip to a snake farm will be exciting and very educational for both children and adults. If you are in Bangkok and are not among those people who suffer with herpetophobia, don’t miss paying a visit to the world’s second oldest snake farm located at Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute.

This snake farm was established in 1923 to extract serum from venom of Thai poisonous snakes. However, venom extraction is obviously not the most intriguing activity here. The snake farm also provides knowledge about venom for medical students and interested people as well as raising non-poisonous snakes like the Indochinese rat snake, which are beneficial to our ecosystem and the copperhead racer, which is kept for educational purposes.

After refurbishment in 2009, the snake farm is even more interesting. The Outdoor Serpentarium is a walk-in garden that is a home to various snake habitats. There is also an arena where the snake handling shows are held. The newly renovated Si Maseng Building is a museum featuring with multimedia facilities.  Exhibitions include the life cycle of snakes, their anatomy, toxicology, mythology and how to do the first-aid for a snakebite victim. The Indoor Serpentarium exhibits 35 species of snakes, mostly indigenous. The ground behind the serpentarium is used for venom extraction demonstrations.

To feel a shiver of excitement, don’t miss the deadly reptile shows.


Snake handling and taking pictures with snakes : 2.30 pm on weekdays, 11.00 am on weekends and holidays

Venom Extraction : 11.00 am on weekdays

Information : Tel. 0 2252 0161 to 4,

Open : Weekdays, 09.30-15.30 hrs. / Weekends & Public Holidays, 09.30-13.00 hrs.

Admission fees : Adults 200 baht / Children 50 baht

For taxi : สวนงู สภากาชาดไทย มุมถนนอังรีดูันังต์ตัดถนนพระราม 4 ใกล้ ร.พ. จุฬา

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