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Bang Khunphrom Palace & The Bank of Thailand Museum


Thai name พิพิธภัณฑ์ธนาคารแห่งประเทศไทยและวังบางขุนพรหม (ด้านในธนาคารแห่งประเทศไทย) แยกบางขุนพรหม

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The palace was once the residence of H.R.H. Prince Baripatra Sukhumbhand, the 33rd son of King Rama V. The construction of the main building (or tamnak yai) was finished in 1906 before another building called tamnak somdet was built to be the residence of his mother, H.M. Queen Sukhumala Marasri. Different ages of building resulted in different art styles of the whole palace. But they magically created the stunning impression for the beholders.

After the political transformation in 1932, the prince and his family moved to Bandung, Indonesia and Bang Khunphrom palace was turned into the offices for several organizations. Since 1992, the palace has become the Bank of Thailand National Museum featuring the prince’s life, the history of the central bank and Thai and foreign currencies.

To admire the beauty of the palace, visitors are welcomed with an advance booking over the telephone so that the museum can arrange a tour guide for you.

Information : Tel. 0 2283 5286, 0 2283 6723

Open : Monday-Friday 09.30-16.00 hrs.

Admission fee : No admission fee

For taxi : พิพิธภัณฑ์ธนาคารแห่งประเทศไทยและวังบางขุนพรหม (ด้านในธนาคารแห่งประเทศไทย) แยกบางขุนพรหม

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