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The floating market in Ratchaburi is among the top-photographed sights in Thailand. Familiar pictures of the vibrant canal crowded with small vendor boats piled with Thai fruits and vegetables well represent Thai culture.

A wonderful place for the family. This large amusement park offers great enjoyment with lots of activities and exciting and fun rides in Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, Dream Garden and Dream World Plaza.

Photo : www.dreamworld.co.th

The Grand Palace is the most popular tourist place in Bangkok. To be in Bangkok without visiting the palace is like you have not been in the city. Located in the old town or the Rattanakosin Island in the heart of Bangkok, the exquisite craftsmanship and grandeur of its architecture proclaim the true meaning of Bangkok as a "city of angels".

Get closer to the charming dugouts and appreciate their charming features. The eleborately crafted royal barges to be used in royal ceremonial processions are kept and exhibited in sheds on a tributary of the Chao Phraya River. The most significant and stunning one is the king's royal barge, Suphannahong with a figurehead of the head of a mythical bird.

Everyone in your family will enjoy a great variety of entertainments and activities at Safari World, Thailand’s greatest open zoo & leisure park whether driving through African wilderness environment, visiting friendly dolphins in a marine park, or watching exhilarating stunt shows.

Photo : www.safariworld.com

Samphran’s fascinating shows are held in a wide variety with sound effects. The most popular ones that will surely make your visit pleasurable are lovely shows by cute and clever elephants, the crocodile wrestling and the magic show.

Located only 28 km from Bangkok, this is the world’s largest crocodile farm with over 60,000 crocs in stock. It is also a mini zoo with some rare animals. Stunning crocodile shows are available every hour.

The most prominiet feature on the west bank of the Chao Phraya river is the Temple of Dawn. Its striking prangs (a kind of pagoda) decorated with millions of pieces of Chinese porcelain have long been known among foreigners as one of Bangkok's landmarks. The tallest prang allows visitors to climb up to enjoy scenic views of the river and the old town, including the Grand Palace.

Located in the chinatown area, this temple houses the 700 years old world's largest solid Buddha image (3-metre tall and 5.5 tonne in weight). It was a plain stucco Buddha image when discovered in 1955. 20 years later it was accidently cracked and revealed the precious material inside.

The famous colossal reclining Buddha statue decorated with mother-of-pearl inlay at its soles is enshrined in this oldest and biggest temple in Bangkok. It is also recognised as the first open university in Thailand and nowadays it is perhaps best known for its Thai traditional massage school.

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha located in the Grand Palace is an important Buddhist temple in Thailand which is famous for the highly revered Emeral Buddha image, the world's longest murals and numerous interesting sculptures such as fanciful mythical animals and fierce-looking giants standing guard at the gates.

Graceful and transquil as its main chapel is made of white carrara Italian marble, the Marble Temple is one of the most modern religious buildings that employs European ecclesiastical details. It houses a replica of Thailand's most beautiful Buddha image and exhibits 53 other famous image styles from all over Asia.

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