TW 34N10

Cover Story : Vol.34 No.10 / 5 October 2017

Do you like Thai food? It is one of the world’s five most popular culinary styles, along with those of the Chinese, Indian, Italian and French. It features hot and spicy tastes with colourful ingredients of fresh herbs and vegetables which not only coordinate to boost appetite but also contain medicinal properties.

Traditional Thai medicine regards food as a fundamental of a person’s physical and mental health. If one consumes food which harmonizes with the seasons of the year, the geographical condition of his locality and the chemical elements in his body, good health and clear state of mind will be his. This principle has been observed by the Thai people for a long time to keep the body and mind in equilibrium.

TW 34N11

Cover Story : Vol.34 No.11 / 5 November 2017

Just like a restaurant lists many dishes on its menu but recommends only a few, so Thaiways has decided to highlight some of the most amazing activities and attractions definitely all visitors to the kingdom should not miss. Certainly, it is quite difficult to do all these in one trip. But we hope that the list will give you some good ideas for your trip to Thailand, especially those who come for the first time.

TW 34N9

Cover Story : Vol.34 No.9 / 5 September 2017

Renowned as a country full of cultural and natural attractions, Thailand also offers great opportunities for outdoor and adventure activities. In particular, Southern Thailand is a narrow peninsula, flanked by the Andaman Sea on the west and the Gulf of Thailand on the east. It is blessed with warm, clear waters, tropical islands, white beaches, and lush jungles. It is thus a real paradise for all visitors who love to challenge themselves with outdoor activities. Besides, thanks to Thailand’s warm weather, you can enjoy water-sports and adventure activities such as white water rafting without shivering. Here we would like to introduce to you some interesting activities as follows:


Cover Story : Vol.34 No.8 / 5 August 2017

For over six decades of the reign of His Late Majesty King Bhumibol, Her Majesty Queen Sirikit has resolutely followed His Late Majesty the King and accompanied him on his visits to the people in remote areas throughout the country. With a strong determination to alleviate the hardship and suffering of the rural people, the royal couple have devoted time and energy to finding effective solutions for a better living with sufficient income, so that they can enjoy a happier life.  While His Late Majesty devoted his energy to improving the life of farmers through soil improvement, the preservation of water sources, and many agricultural projects, Her Majesty did everything she can to help generate additional income for the farming families.


Cover Story : Vol.34 No.7 / 5 July 2017

Thai food takes pride in its rich heritage, practiced as an art and handed down from generation to generation. It is known for the harmonious blend of flavors created by different ingredients, various cooking styles, and the enthusiastic use of fresh herbs and spices which is the distinctive aspect of Thai food. Thai cuisine has become increasingly popular across the world over the last few decades. Currently, there are approximately 15,000 Thai restaurants around the world.


Cover Story : Vol.34 No.6 / 5 June 2017

Elephant is the national animal of Thailand Elephants have been revered in Thailand for many centuries. They are an important part of Thai culture and way of life. From 1855-1916, the national flag of Thailand was a white elephant on a red background and today the white elephant still displays on the Thai Naval Ensign. Nowadays elephants play an important part in Thailand tourism.