Pattaya & Jomtien Maps

Pattaya : Map of Pattaya City

Cover of Thaiways' Pattaya Map

All maps on this page are from Thaiways' Map of Pattaya, which can be obtained free from the information counter at airports or hotels. How to get Thaiways Magazine & Maps
Pattaya City map : Composed of 12 sliced maps, total size 384 kb.
Jomtien & Na Jomtien beach map : Composed of 6 sliced maps, total size 194 kb.
Eastern Thailand map : Composed of 4 sliced maps, total size 123 kb.


Map of Pattaya City

pattaya_map_01 pattaya_map_02
pattaya_map_03 pattaya_map_04
pattaya_map_05 pattaya_map_06
pattaya_map_07 pattaya_map_08
pattaya_map_09 pattaya_map_10
pattaya_map_11 pattaya_map_12