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  Cover story : Vol.32 No.3
5 Mar 2015
  Where to go in the Hot Season
  Thailand is world-renowned for its countless beautiful beaches and islands. and summer is a great time to go to the beach to enjoy swimming and sunbathing. You can also witness the amazing panoramic views of clear sky and vast blue sea. A truly rewarding experience! Apart from Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Samui and Krabi which are popular beach destinations, there are many other coastal provinces in the eastern and southern regions of Thailand which offer visitors fine sandy beaches as follows.

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  Cover story : Vol.32 No.4
5 April 2015
  Songkran Festival
  April 13 is the traditional Thai New Year's Day, which is celebrated by the Thai people throughout the country from the old to the young and from the royalty to the ordinary people. Apart from water splashing, which is the best-known symbol of the Songkran Festival, Thai people also celebrate the festival with many other joyous activities. It is indeed the country's merriest festival.

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  Cover story : Vol.32 No.2
5 Feb 2015
  Art of the KINGDOM
  I was delighted to have the opportunity on July 2, 2004 to open the latest exhibition of the SUPPORT wonderful to see such spectacular creations, so magnificently handcrafted by our villagers that His Majesty and I have gelped to educate and nurture. Now these talented but poverty stricken villagers have become happy villagers, enjoying high artistic skills in their chosen fields.

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  Cover story : Vol.32 No.1
5 Jan 2015
  Bird Watching in Thailand
  Thailand lies in the Indo-Chinese Peninsula covering a land area of 513,115 sq.km. It extends some 1,500 km. from north to south striding over parts of the tropical and sub-tropical zone (from 5' 37' N to 20' 30' N). With its plentiful rainfall and fertile soil, Thailand like all its neighbours, used to have a very heigh forest coverage.

The full story : Bird Watching in Thailand

  Cover story : Vol.31 No.12
5 Dec 2014
  Winter Flower Festivals in Thailand
  In winter, serval provinces in the North hold their flower festivals to showcase their beautiful flowers and to attract tourists. Among these, Chiang Mai Flower Festival is the most famous one which allures visitors from all over the world each year.

The full story : Winter Flower Festivals in Thailand

  Cover story : Vol.31 No.11
5 Nov 2014
  Where to Go in the Cool Season
  Apart from white sandy beaches, Thailand has a great number of national parks, mountains and forests. They are nice places to visit especially in the cool season. During this time the weather will turn cool and thus is the best time to visit the mountainous north of Thailand.

The full story : Where to Go in the Cool Season

  Cover story : Vol.31 No.10
5 Oct 2014
  Pinklao - A rising Tourism Star in Bangkok
  Pinklao, situates on the western bank of Chao Phraya River, is a rising star of Bangkok for three main reasons -1) Ideal Location 2) Good Atmosphere 3) Great Shopping. The great advantage is that it is very close to Rattanakosin Island, the Bangkok's highlight.

The full story : Pinklao - A rising Tourism Star in Bangkok

Charlie House Pin Klao Charlie House Pin Klao
A hidden nice place to stay in Bangkok. Near The Grand Palace.
Ear and Hearing Aids Center
Ear & Hearing Aids
Operated by Dr.Manut, an otolaryngologist &
hearing specialist
Ceramics of Phuket
Ceramics of Phuket
Combine arts into livings. Phuket's most memorable souvenirs.
Sky Inn Sukhumvit Sky Inn Sukhumvit
Hotel by the skytrain (Nana St.). Near Airport Rail Link
Private Car Private Car
Suwannaphoome Airport

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