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Tips for Tourists : Guidelines on Visiting Waterfalls
Waterfalls are numerous in Thailand both in and outside the scores of national parks and botanical parks. When visiting one of these scenic spots, always bear in mind its potential dangers to your safety and that of your companions. Here are some guidelines to avoid tragedy:

• Stay at least a body's length from the water's edge: wet rocks are slippery.

• Water currents can be very strong underneath even where the surface looks calm.

• Follow your guide or native tourists who know better.

• In the rainy season, water can rise quickly stranding you on rocks or even sweeping you away.

• In case you are caught in a strong current, keep calm. Float on your back with toes up and pointing downstream. Don't attempt to swim until you reach calmer water.

• If you should fall into the stream, be careful when you try to raise your arm to signal for help. This may cause your feet to go down and get snagged on rocks.

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