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Tips for Tourists : Prepare for Jungle Trekking
In a forest, we will never know what are hiding inside so we should prepare ourselves when going to trek as following.

• Check the temperature before setting out; trekking in very hot weather can cause sickness.

• It is very important to take plenty of water with you and drink it often.

• For the daytime, trekkers are recommended to wear long pants and a long-sleeved cotton shirt and long socks to preclude scratches and cuts, and a hat and sunglasses to prevent strong sunlight.

• A light jacket should be taken by trekkers because it will get colder quickly in the forest when night comes.

• To prevent leeches, rub socks and legs with a mixture of salt and tobacco. If getting sucked, try to remove them with salt, vinegar, alcohol, tobacco juice or a lighted cigarette.

• To prevent yourself from malaria, consult a doctor for the right prophylactic before taking a trip.

• Do take a basic medical kit with you if planning to trek for several days.

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