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Tips for Tourists : Some Hints for Swimmers & Boat Passengers

Swim only in the shallow water if you are not a strong swimmer.
Be careful not to go out too far from the coast. You may not have the stamina to swim back.
Don't go to swim when the sea is rough or when the tide is going out.
Don't go to the sea after drinking or right after meal or when you are hungry or tired.
Don't leave your child playing on the beach alone.
Don't swim in the night.
Don't swim near rocks or coral reefs, especially when the wind is strong.
Don't drift about by holding on to a floating object, which may overturn or carry you too far away.
Go ashore at once when a thunderstorm is threatening.
Beware of the undertow. You may be carried out to the sea unknowingly. If you find that you are caught in such a current, don't try to swim straight back to the shore. You will be tired out first. The only way to come back safe is to swim in a slanting direction toward the coast.
If you prefer to travel with a small group in a long-tailed boat, then you should know the weather forecast for the day, check the condition of the boat and, if possible, carry a life buoy with you. Anyway, don't go out in a small boat in the monsoon season from May to October.
If you are prone to seasickness, take medicine first, and sit in the central part of the boat to lessen the effect of its rocking.
Beware of sea urchins lurking in the corals when snorkelling. Their prickly shells can cause great pain when stepped on.

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