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Thailand Tourist Information : Speaking Thai

Food & Eating
a han4 chao3 breakfast
a han4 klang wan lunch
a han4 yen dinner
khao2 plao1 plain rice
khao2 phat1 fried rice
khao2 phat1 mu4 fried rice with pork
khao2 tom2 rice gruel
kuai3 tiao4 noodle
kuai3 tiao4 (nam3) noodle (soup)
tom2 yam kung2 spicy shrimp soup
som2 tam spicy papaya salad
kha1 nom4 pang bread
mu4 pork
nuea3 beef
pla fish
kai1 chicken
kai1 yang2 roasted chicken
kung2 shrimp, prawn
pla muek1 squid
pu crab
khai1 egg
khai1 dao fried egg
khai1 tom2 boiled egg
khai1 jiao omelette
phon4 la3 mai3 fruit
phak1 vegetable
nam3 yen cold water
nam3 khaeng4 ice
nam3 ron3 hot water
ka fae ron3 hot coffee
ka fae yen iced coffee
nam3 som2 khan3 orange juice
a roi1 (mak2) (very) delicious, tasty
phet1 koen pai too spicy
wan4 koen pai too sweet
khem koen pai too salty

(For more information about the Thai food, desserts and fruits
see Thailand Tourist Information : Dining section.)

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