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  Types of Thai spas  

(Reflecting ISPA membership categories*)

The destination spa
The spa services, educational programming, and exclusive cuisine are provided with a package of hotel or resort accommodation aiming to enhance health and lifestyle of clients.
The hotel/resort spa
A spa is located in and owned by a hotel or resort to provide professional and convenient treatment services to its customers.
The medical spa
The medical spa is a combination of professional medical treatments and spa services to provide comprehensive health care.
The day spa
The day spa is a spa that provides professional treatments and spa services to clients on a daily-basis.
The mineral spring spa
A spa that offers a hot or mineral spring to attract tourists.
The club spa
A small spa which located in a fitness centre or health club for the customers relaxation.
The cruise ship spa
A spa service on a cruise ship.
  *International Spa Association

Spa treatments  

Most spas have saunas, steam rooms, bathtubs, and Jacuzzis. Spa therapies are focused on the healing process through the 5 physical senses of humans-sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.

Sight by decorating places and surroundings to create an atmosphere that affects humans emotions.
Smell by using essential oils and herbal treatments.
Taste by consuming foods or beverages for the purpose of detoxification.
Touch by massaging to relax the body.
Hearing by using music to create a relaxed atmosphere.

The health resorts and spas have risen to a new travel trend in Thailand. Many foreigners who have come and experienced Thai spas were impressed by our treatments and excellent services at affordable prices. A unique Thai healing practice is efficiently combined with the western-style spa to create the most effective therapy, which brings a reputation to the country.
Thai spas offer a wide variety of treatments ranging from head to toes. The following are some examples of our popular services which give high satisfaction to customers: traditional Thai massage, body massage, aroma therapy massage, hot stone massage, facial scrub, body scrub, body wrap, body mask, hydro therapy & aroma bath, etc.


Spa Tips  

(Provided by Spa enthusiast magazine)

Avoid being there in peak hours
Ask for treatments description
Get advice regarding the treatment schedule
Share your personal health history
Mention any prescription drugs
Anticipate how the treatment will fit into your other plans
Allow enough time for your visit


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From the survey, the most popular spa treatment is massage. It can be because of the efficacy of Thai traditional massage that is proved by the increasing numbers of people who have come to receive the services and to take the courses.

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The art of massage has been practiced and developed for centuries in Thailand. A description of Thai massage was carved on stone tablets which were fixed on pillars and along the corridor of the ordination hall of Wat Pho by King Rama IIIs command. These stone inscriptions are still in good condition today.

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As for Thai foot reflexology massage, it has been enhanced by comparison with other varieties such as Chinese massage, Korean massage and Japanese massage to bring out the supreme benefits of these modality. Nowadays, Wat Pho is the centre of massage services and study in Thailand.

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