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Spa Locations  

Bangkok Spas

A blissful experience in the capital

After a stressful business trip in Bangkok, it is a nice idea to retreat from a busy lifestyle. To recharge and rejuvenate your body and soul in a Thai spa is thus exclusively recommended. A number of high-end hotels in-house spas and private spas ranging from the standard quality to the luxurious ones are awaiting you amid Bangkoks skyscrapers.

Lanna Spas
The charms of the North

The northern region of Thailand is well known for its rich Lanna cultural heritage and kind hospitality. Furthermore, advantages of abundant natural resources such as waterfalls, hot springs, clay, and numerous kinds of minerals and ancient Lanna healing techniques create a distinctive blend of spa treatments that is found nowhere else.

Southern Spas
A new wave of a stress-free holiday

Surrounded by the crystal-clear water of the Andaman Sea and virgin islands, the southern provinces of Thailand are famous holiday destinations for tourists worldwide. Beautiful and tranquil beaches, fun-filled water activities, lively open-air nightclubs and a health package or beauty care program in a traditional Thai spa provide a complete relaxation for your vacation.

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From the survey, the most popular spa treatment is massage. It can be because of the efficacy of Thai traditional massage that is proved by the increasing numbers of people who have come to receive the services and to take the courses.

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Thailand -- Paradise for Spa Lovers

The art of massage has been practiced and developed for centuries in Thailand. A description of Thai massage was carved on stone tablets which were fixed on pillars and along the corridor of the ordination hall of Wat Pho by King Rama IIIs command. These stone inscriptions are still in good condition today.

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Traditional Thai Massage

As for Thai foot reflexology massage, it has been enhanced by comparison with other varieties such as Chinese massage, Korean massage and Japanese massage to bring out the supreme benefits of these modality. Nowadays, Wat Pho is the centre of massage services and study in Thailand.

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Foot Reflexology Massage:A Healing Touch

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