Doi Inthanon Resorts & Hotels

Doi Inthanon Resorts & Hotels

General Information | How to Get to Doi Inthanon

The trip to Doi Inthanon can be made in one day but many prefer to stay over night to enjoy the atmosphere. A wide range of accommodations is available whether you prefer staying in Chiang Mai or in the mountain. Not far from the Hmong Village at Ban Khun Klang, there are guesthouses with electricity and bedding. Hilltribe homestay is another option here. The park also provides accommodations and a camping area at the Headquarters and Mae Pan.

Nicer places can be rented outside the park where a number of pleasant resorts such as Touch Star Resort, Inthanon Highland Resort and V.S. Inthanon Resort are located. The mountain resorts here are ideal places for nature lovers. Since bird watching is one of the popular activities in Doi Inthanon, some resorts even provide information and programmes for your wildlife holidays in Chiang Mai.

Piccola Roma Palace
Piccola Roma Place
A High-class Italian Restaurant
Italian Chef
Y Development Y Development
Jewellery,candle, wood items. You can help villagers earn a living.
Neramit Custom Tailoring Neramit Custom Tailoring
Custom tailoring in Chiang Mai or by mail order