Thursday, 24 May 2018

Sukhothai Province

Sukhothai Province was the first capital of the Thai kingdom which was established in 1238 and reached its zenith of prosperity during the reign of King Ramkhamhaeng the Great (1279-1300). It was during this period that Sukhothai extended its territory right down to the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. The Sukhothai Kingdom fell to Ayutthaya in 1378 AD but was still ruled by Sukhothai kings until 1438 AD with King Maha Thammaracha IV as the last king. Then it was completely annexed as a part of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. Several hundred years later, the ruins of Sukhothai were rediscovered by King Rama IV (1851-1868) when he was a wandering monk.

Before that, nobody in this country realized that there was anything left from the ancient city which was once the nerve centre of a rich and powerful kingdom whose sphere of influence extended right to the tip of the Malay Peninsula.  Full of World Heritage sites designated by UNESCO, Sukhothai is frequented by tourists who come to explore the grandeur of this ancient kingdom.

01 sukhothai historical park

The park was designated by UNESCO a World Heritage site in December 1991. The park is located 12 kilometres from the provincial city, on Charotwithithong Road. Situated amid beautiful, natural surroundings, the park covers about 70 and is divided into five zones.