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Thai Desserts & How to Cook
Thai desserts are well known for their taste sensations which are as impressive as their appearance. Their appealing looks reflect the nature of the Thais who are neat and meticulous. Desserts have been among the favourites of the Thais for hundreds of years. Several kinds of them were mentioned in valuable works of Thai literature.

Like Thai dishes, Thai desserts are also delicious, colourful and multifarious. They are pleasing to the eye as well as the palate. Thai women have a particular liking for them and eat them both after and between meals. Most Thai sweets are made from five simple ingredients -- coconut cream, coconut flesh, rice flour, palm sugar and eggs.

Thong Yip,Thong Yot,Foi Thong
Thong Yip (middle left),
Thong Yot (top)
& Foi Thong (right)

Thai Desserts
A variety of Thai desserts

Kluai Chueam, Kluai Buat Chi
Kluai Chueam (left)
Kluai Buat Chi (bottom right)
Luk Chup

Some favourite sweets among the Thais are :

- Thong Yip (sweet egg yolk cup)
- Thong Yot (sweet egg yolk drop)
- Foi Thong (sweet shredded egg yolk)
- Met Khanun (mung bean flour coated with sweet egg yolk)
- Mo Kaeng (egg custard with mung bean flour)
- Sangkhaya (egg custard)
- Bua Loi (glutinous-rice flour balls in coconut cream)
- Tako (jelly with coconut cream)
- Kluai Buat Chi (banana in coconut cream)
- Fakthong Buat (pumpkin in coconut cream)
- Kluai Chueam (banana in syrup and coconut cream)
- Luk Chup (fruit-shape desserts made of mung-bean flour with natural colouring)
- Thapthim Krop (diced water-chestnuts in coconut cream)

There are arrays of Thai sweetmeats for sale at many places ranging from sidewalk stalls, markets and small shops to top department stores. Try to taste some of the above to appreciate the marvelous taste of Thai desserts.

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