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Abound with alluring mountainous landscape, Thailand is a beautiful country that has more than 200 scenic waterfalls, dotting all over the country in various natural settings. While some waterfalls are gorgeous all year round, many others are more attractive in the rainy season (from June to October). Moreover, during this time, the surrounding forest is in its best greenery condition, the wild flowers boast their beauties in full bloom, and the lively fauna enjoy their food hunting in the fertile woods. For this coming rainy season, Thaiways has selected some of the most charming waterfalls to be introduced to our readers.

Thi Lo Su Waterfall

(Tak Province, 426 km north of Bangkok)

The first waterfall that we would like to recommend is Thi Lo Su Waterfall. This beautiful limestone waterfall surrounded by evergreen forest is situated 900 metres above sea level. And it takes a 3-kilometre trek from the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary to reach the fall. This is the biggest waterfall in Thailand and Southeast Asia and is ranked number three among the six most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Thi Lo Su Waterfall is about 500 metres in width and almost 300 metres in height.

Thi Lo Su Waterfall

The name Thi Lo Su is derived from the Karen words which mean a waterfall with a loud noise. During the rainy season, the Thi Lo Su is really attractive with its large quantity of water that jumps down over leaps of limestone.

Camping in the verdant forests

However, in the rainy season the road to the falls is closed for the sake of safety. The only way to reach the falls is by trekking. For your convenience, tour packages are available. A tour guide will take you to the falls by a rubber boat and then lead you through bamboo and deciduous forests for about 1.8 km.

Heo Narok Waterfall
(Nakhon Nayok Province, 107 km northeast of Bangkok)

Heo Narok Waterfall
(Photo by courtesy of TAT)

Heo Narok Waterfall is located in Khao Yai National Park, which was lately declared to be a world heritage site. The forest here is well preserved and has an abundance of flora and fauna. The waterfall is beautiful and accessible all year round but it is the most magnificent in the rainy season. Heo Narok Waterfall has three cascades, about 200 metres high in total. Only the top one opens for visitors to get in through the provided trail. From there, you can see the water falling down to the chasm.

In the rainy season, the strong water current jumping down from the right-angle abrupt cliff is the most stunning scene of the falls. Hearing the sound of water falling and echoing around the green valley is worth your visit even though the water here is too swift to swim. Another viewpoint to see this marvellous waterfall is by going down the staircases to the wood corridor where you can see the waterfall with the fresh mist covering the area at close range. Besides the fascinating scenery that attracts people, the waterfall is easy to access. To reach the falls, there is a 2-km walkway provided through a jungle and a one day trip from Bangkok is possible.
Mae Ya Waterfall
(Chiang Mai Province, 697 km north of Bangkok)

MaeYa Waterfall is the biggest and the most beautiful waterfall in Doi Inthanon National Park, Chiang Mai Province. With a height of over 260 metres, Mae Ya Waterfall, which falls into a series of cascades down towards the pool, can be seen from a very far distance. The clear water in the pool surrounded by a serene forest landscape is irresistible to swimmers.

Mae Ya Waterfall

Some parts of the cliff have overhanging rocks where tourists can hide themselves from the mist curtain. This is a wonderful natural gift that should not be missed.

The green valley on Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand (8,400 ft), is the water source of this fabulous waterfall. The dense woods give the abundant supply of water all year round, especially in the rainy season.

Phliu Waterfall
(Chanthaburi Province, 245 km east of Bangkok)

Phliu Waterfall
(Photo by courtesy of TAT)

Phliu Waterfall, located in Namtok Phliu National Park, Laem Sing County, is another beautiful waterfall that cannot be omitted in this article. The provided path is covered with cool and shady trees, and easily leads you to the three-tiered waterfall. Phliu Waterfall has water all year round. At a pool of limpid water here you can see the stones and sand lying about 2 metres under water and it is also irresistible to swimmers. The pool of Phliu Waterfall and the nearby stream are yet the natural home for a great amount of brook carps which can only be found in a few regions in Thailand.

There is a 1.2-km natural trail through the woods. The trail starts from the opposite side of the park headquarters to the front of the Alongkon Chedi, the laterite stupa built by order of King Rama V in 1886. The waterfall has a long history, dating back to King Rama V's reign (1868-1910). The King praised that this was the most beautiful waterfall among many that he had visited. And not far from the Alongkon stupa, there is the stupa shaped like a pyramid built as a memorial to Phra Nang Chao Sunandakumariratana, King Rama V's first consort who was drowned in a boating accident at Bang Pa-in, Ayutthaya, as the royal couple had once shared the happiness at the waterfall. Even though Phliu Waterfall has water all year round, it is best visited in the rainy season when it is the most charming.

Chattrakan Waterfall
(Phitsanulok Province, 377 km north of Bangkok)

Chattrakan Waterfall

Chattrakan Waterfall is a highlight of a national park of the same name in Phitsanulok. It has seven leaps with some pools suitable for swimming. Each leap has its own beauty. The water at the first tier is falling down from a gap between 30 metres high cliffs into a big round-shaped pool which is just right for swimming-lovers. The second tier looks magnificent with its water dropping down through descending rock tiers. The pool here, however, is too dangerous to swim in since the water swiftly whirls and flows down to the first level. The third and fourth leaps are fairly attractive.

The fifth, sixth, and seventh leaps are small waterfalls with a colourful and scenic cliff, which festooned with orchids and other flowers. All leaps are located amidst a shady forest. Therefore, we would like to recommend you to go there in the rainy season because the forest is green and wild flowers are in full bloom. Chattrak an Waterfall is worthy of your visit for sure

However, to reach these waterfalls may be difficult for foreigners, we recommend you to consult your travel agents to arrange a tour programme for you (see lists of Tour and Travel Agencies on page 38). For more information, please contact the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department on Tel. +66 (0) 2562 0760.

For the correct pronunciation of romanized Thai words, see
Romanization System of the Thai Language.

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