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Cover story : 25 Dec 2002
Vol.19 No.18

World Scout Jamboree:
A Great Event In Thailand

By Suwan Thada

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World Scout Jamboree
Thailand has been a host for several international events such as the World Bank Meeting, UNCTAD Conference, ASEM Meeting, Asean Games and Sea Games, some of them for many times. Now, another great event with tens of thousands of participants is taking place in Thailand -- World Scout Jamboree.
HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the
Chief Scout of the National Scout
Organization of Thailand
(Photo by Royal courtesy)
We are proud to say that Thailand is the third Scout founder-country in the world, next only to England and the United States of America. This year, the National Scout Organization of Thailand is hosting the 20th World Scout Jamboree from 28th December 2002 to 7th January 2003 at Sattahip, Chon Buri province. The Jamboree, i.e. a large rally of Scouts, occurs every four years, hosted in rotation among its member countries and this is the first time for Thailand to take the role of host. The participants in the Jamboree include approximately 20,000 Scouts from 154 member countries around the world, 4,000 Scout supervisors and 6,000 volunteers -- 3,000 from Thailand and 3,000 from other member countries.
Brief Description for the
20th World Scout Jamboree
World Scout Jamboree
The theme for the event is "Share Our World, Share Our Cultures". The reason is that the Scouts who gather in the 20th World Scout Jamboree are from all corners of the world. They have different nationalities, cultures, and languages. But this is not important. They will be camping and doing a variety of activities together which, finally, will result in sharing experiences with each other and they will become friends.

Boys and girls who join in the event must have ages between 14 and 17 years. They are under help of adult volunteers or International Service Team (IST). An IST member is an adult who is 18 years of age or older and has service mind to help people. They must have the ability to communicate in at least English and French. The IST will take responsibilities in providing, preparing, organising and supervising the activities for the joining Scouts.

During the Jamboree, the Scouts will participate in many kinds of activities to develop their skill and intellect, such as Global Development Village, Our Heritage, Crossroads of Cultures, City of Science and Technology, Tournament, Face the Waves and Exploring Nature. They will enjoy and gain benefit from these activities. For example, they will take adventure in the Tournament and learn information and technologies in the City of Science. In addition, they will know how to live together.

Apart from those activities, there are four special events in the 20th World Scout Jamboree. The Opening Ceremony will take place on the afternoon of 28th December. There will be a flag parade and a declaration of opening the Jamboree. New Year's Eve will be held just before the midnight of New Year's Day. Everybody in the camp, in national costume, will join in the countdown to celebrate the New Year. Inter-Religious Celebration is the event that all participants will join in a celebration of their own religion on the New Year's Day afternoon. Then they will go to the Central Arena for an inter-religious celebration. The Closing ceremony will take place on Tuesday, 7 January, consisting of a flag parade, a renewal of the Scout Promise and presenting the World Scout Flag to the host of the 21st World Scout Jamboree 2007.
History of World Scout Movement
World Organization of the Scout Movement was established in England in the year 1908 according to the concept of the book "Scouting for Boys" which was written by Lord Baden Powell (B.P.). B.P. was the founder of the movement and he was elected as the president of World Scout in the year 1918.

Before the Scout Movement was founded, B.P. was a soldier. When he took duty of protecting Mafeking, in South Africa, against the Boars, he set the youth troop to help him and be spies in the battle. Each of the boys in the troop had an age of 9 years up and there was a young boy as a leader. At that time, the boys proved that they had ability as good as an adult. They were trained seriously like a real soldier and they served the army well.

In the year 1907, B.P. took 20 boys to Brownsea Island, in the south of England, and let them go camping together for 9 nights.

The boys were divided into groups of 5 and one in each group would be the leader for his own group. They would live together in the island, take adventure and learn how to help themselves. By noticing their living, B.P. realised that the boys would show their full ability and responsibility when they lived in groups.

After that, in the year 1908, B.P. published the book "Scouting for Boys" to declare Scout objective, Scout law, Scout promise, Scout code, way of training Scouts, etc. His book was highly welcomed from general people and, later, the World Organization of the Scout Movement was formed.

In former times Scouts were only boys. Since 1990, girls have also been admitted as Scouts but they do not practise for helping in military anymore. They are taught to be good people with strong leadership which makes them useful for developing their countries in the future.

History of Scout Movement in Thailand
King Vajiravudh (Rama VI, 1910-1925),
the founder of the Wild Tiger Corps of
Thailand and the Thai Scout Movement
A Scout-like organization was first set up in Thailand as the Wild Tiger Corps in 1911(in the reign of King Rama VI). At that time, the king thought that if the Scout principle could be applied to Thai youth, it would be useful for his country. But, in the initial stages, he was concerned that his citizens would misunderstand and confuse the training of Scouts with the training of soldiers. Therefore, he established the Wild Tiger Corps by using his men as first members and trained them in military drills and spying skills. Then, after the corps was firmly established, he tried to familiarize his people with the new unit. Not long after that, the Wild Tiger Corps expanded throughout the country.

After two months of establishing the Wild Tiger Corps, King Rama VI had an idea of training boys in that way. Realizing that youths would be an important force in the future, he began to found the Thai Scout movement in the same year (1911) and it has played an important role in public development since then.

Thai Scout Organization has spread all over the country and it is highly developed at present. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is the Chief Scout of the National Scout Organization of Thailand. This has help the Scout Movement to grow rapidly.
HM King Bhumibol (Photo by Royal courtesy)
The Scout training has become one of the subjects in the primary and secondary education curriculum of Thailand.
Scout activities while camping
So both boys and girls who are at school age must be a Scout.
They are taught to do many activities such as tying rope into many kinds of knots, reading the compass and helping themselves in emergencies.
Furthermore, they are required to learn basic first aid, how to be a leader and how to live together through camping. They are encouraged to show their opinions and creativity.


In conclusion, the Scout movement is one of the important factors in developing Thai society.

The 20th World Scout Jamboree will give Thailand a chance to further promote its Scout Movement and strenghten its amicable relations with all of the participating countries in the future.


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