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Khao Lampi - Hat Thai Muang National Park
Covering an area of about 72,000 sq.km., the national park has interesting places as follows:

  Lampi Waterfall is in Thai Muang Subcounty off Phetkasem Highway (Route 4) near Km. 32.

Lampi Waterfall, Phang-nga
Lampi Waterfall

This medium sized waterfall has three levels, each about 100 metres high, and flows all year round.

Ton Phrai Waterfall
To go to the fall, drive along Phetkasem Highway until reaching Km. 28-29, turn left to the gravel side road and go ahead about 7 kilometres. This is a large waterfall with water flowing all year round.

Thai Muang Beach
Located in Thai Muang Subcounty, it is a 13 kilometre clean sandy beach parallel to the highway.

Thai Muang Beach, Phang-nga
Thai Muang Beach

From November to February, sea turtles come up to lay eggs on the beach. During this period, local people usually go to observe the turtles on moonlit nights.

Bo Dan Hot Springs
Bo Dan Hot Springs, Phang-nga Located on a sideroad about 6 km. from Khok Kloi Intersection amidst the green garden, the water here contains many kinds of minerals which are good for relief of arthritis, beriberi, mental and physical stress.

Bo Dan Hot Springs
Open for bathing daily from 06.00 - 21.00 hours.

Phang-nga Naval Base
This is an important place for sea turtles breeding on the Andaman coast.

Chulabhorn Marine Park Conservatory Center

Chulabhorn Marine Park Conservatory Center , Phang-nga
Chulabhorn Marine Park Conservatory Center

The center is located in Phang-nga Naval Base. The exhibition room displays a varied collection of fish and marine lives - much like the real underwater world.

For your personal safety and protection by law, please use the services of travel agencies holding a TAT license only.

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